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Health Chart

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Here is a chart I made when I was on the Wolf trail. It is from the “Keep Your Body Healthy” Achievement #3a. I used this to track my health and hygein habits for 2 weeks. You can see it by clicking here.


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Here is a story I wrote about my little brother for the “Jot it Down” requirement #18f. It says to write a story about something you have done with your family.

He is funny. He also is fun! He is also trying to hide. I said, “Where are you Zach?” He pops out and he acts like a monster! It’s funny. I laugh! He used to fall down and say ow and get back up! He tries to grab stuff from people it is funny! My sister Alex chases him if he grabs him mom says no. I say n-o Zach says n-o. He tries to play on the computer it is funny. Most of all I love him so much. He gets a pillow and acts like he is a sleep. He tries to go outside He also likes Sponge Bob square-pants.

How To Make Clay Marbles

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Take some clay and make a snake shape, or two or three, wrap them up together. Now you should have one multicolored snake shape. Take a chunk (depending on the size of the marble) and roll it up in a ball. Then bake the clay. I took pictures to show how, step by step:

1. Get some oven bake clay.

Oven Bake Clay

2. Roll out two or three pieces into snake shapes.

Roll out Clay

3. Twist the pieces together.

Twisted Ropes of Clay

4. Roll the twisted rope of clay into one snake.

Multi Colored Snake of Clay

5. Break into chunks and roll into marbel sized balls.

A Ball of Clay

6. Bake clay according to the directions on the package, and then let it cool.

Finished Marbles

7. You are now ready for a game of Ringer!